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Son-in law kills his wife’s dad with her gun in a hail of bullets

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Son-in law kills his wife’s dad with her gun in a hail of bullets | Samui Times
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A man shot his father in law eleven times in front of his shop in Phitsanulok yesterday.

The men had argued over land.

Son-in law kills his wife's dad with her gun in a hail of bullets | News by Samui TimesChart Trakoon police soon rounded up the shooter, a man called Khampee, 34, who was at his own father’s house nearby.

Earlier police had found Lek, 56, shot eleven times in the face, head, armpits and body. He was laying in a pool of blood surrounded by .22 casings outside the convenience store owned by his son-in-law on the Road leading to Chart Trakoon district.

His motorcycle was nearby. Police recovered a CMMG .22 gun and bullets. The gun was registered to a woman called Surat, the daughter of the deceased.

Khampee told cops that he was playing computer games in his shop when a man called Tawatchai said that Lek was on his way to his father’s house to kill him.

He said he went to get his wife’s .22 gun and was about to go to his father’s house when Lek arrived on his motorbike at the shop.

According to Khampee the older man reached in his pocket and said: “That is my bloody rubber plantation”.

They were the father-in-law’s last words.

Khampee pulled out the gun and started firing. He said he didn’t know how many times he fired but after it was over he hid the weapon under a pillow and went to see his dad where he was arrested later.

He has been charged with murder and taken on a re-enactment of the crime.

Police said the pair had been arguing over ownership of land for more than a year.


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