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Son who stole a million baht from mum says sorry Thai style

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Son who stole a million baht from mum says sorry Thai style | Samui Times
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A son who stole from his mum to go online and buy gifts for a female entertainer in a chat room has apologized.

son stole a million bahtA contrite Rapeepat, 28, prostrated himself at the feet of his mother Sirikan who had earlier reported him for the theft of 1.2 million baht, reported Daily News.

Rapeepat (whose surname was not given) had got addicted to the antics of a “VJ Girl” in a chat room on the I-Show application. Customers can
buy gifts for the performers online while others watch.

After he racked up the massive bill his mother called time on his activities. When the pair met at a police station in Rangsit north of Bangkok there was a tense moment or two. Mum was stony faced and angryand told her errant son the error of his ways.

Then Rapeepat broke down, wai-ed his mum at her shoulder then fell tothe floor to prostrate himself at her feet in forgiveness. The gesture known in Thai as “graap thaaw” is seen as the highest form of apology.

Rapeepat said he would not do it again and would stop his relationshipwith his online girlfriend.

But mum was not totally satisfied – she still told police that if hecontacts the girl in the next seven days they are to proceed with the case of theft against her son.

The son told police that he had been buying gifts for the VJ Girl since the end of last year.

Thai Visa /Daily News

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