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“Song Thaew” driver raped 11 year old girl nine times at deserted house, say police

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“Song Thaew” driver raped 11 year old girl nine times at deserted house, say police | Samui Times
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Police in Nakorn Sawan claim that a retired council engineer now driving a song thaew (baht bus) picking up schoolchildren had raped an 11 year old girl at a downtown deserted.

imageThe mother of the girl took panties allegedly stained with semen to the cops for DNA testing. She said her daughter claimed she had been raped nine times.

Rungroj, 60, a retired engineer of the Provincial Administration Organisation turned himself into police after a warrant for rape of a minor under the age of 13 was issued. He denies everything saying he had never met the girl referred to only as B.

Mother “Wi” (an assumed name) told the police that B came home unusually late from school on Tuesday at 7.30pm. She was acting withdrawn and her clothes were disheveled and dirty.

She said nothing had happened but when pressed and examined by her mother a white substance was found in her genital area.

Then B admitted that she had been raped nine times at a deserted house on Pahonyothin Road in Wat Sai sub-district.

The first time it happened she had been travelling in Rungroj’s vehicle alone and he took her there. After he raped her he gave her 50 baht and said that if she told anyone he would kill her.

Thereafter he came to pick her up at her school and the rapes continued with 50 baht being given each time and more threats.

The mother told police immediately and an arrest warrant was issued. Then she handed in the panties.

Police took the girl to the deserted house that is 40 meters off the main road on two rai of land. She pointed to a downstairs area at the two story property where she said the rapes occurred.

The whole area is obscured from view by trees and vegetation.

The property – empty for decades – is owned by a former politician in the Pak Nam Po area who police also want to interview, reported Sanook.


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