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SOS needs your help

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SOS needs your help | Samui Times
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It is that time of the year again and as Christmas gets ever closer the ladies of the Sisters of Samui need your help. They are looking for raffle prizes and donations for their Christmas raffle.

The Sisters would like the residents of the Samui Community to help them find resorts, venues, activities, shops or services that would be prepared to offer prizes and gifts towards raffle prizes.

If you would like to donate a prize, or know somebody that would, or if you know of a worthy cause that would benefit from a donation from the money raised during the SOS Christmas lunch then please contact the president of the Sisters on Samui, Yvonne by emailing

sisters of samuiFor those of you that don’t know about the Sisters on Samui it is not, as the name might imply, a religious sect, or an emergency service, but a group of international ladies who either live on Koh Samui or, who are just visiting. The main objective of the SOS is to meet, once a month, for lunch in convivial surroundings, enabling members to meet in friendship and to welcome any new arrivals. To become a member, there are no complex forms to complete or initiation ceremonies – just turn up and introduce yourself. The only proviso is that you were “born a woman”!
Lunches are held on the third Wednesday of every month, at different venues, and are always well attended.

The next lunch will be on Wednesday 20th of November at the Prana Resort and Spa in Bangrak where you will be able to enjoy delights from their exciting new Lebanse restaurant menu. The price is 500 baht and dishes will include Tabbouleh, baba ghanoush, hummus and kebabs, if you would like to join in then contact Yvonne

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