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South African couples dream vacation turns into a nightmare after a motorbike accident

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South African couples dream vacation turns into a nightmare after a motorbike accident | Samui Times
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A South African couple’s dream vacation in Thailand turned into a nightmare when they were threatened with arrest for nonpayment of medical costs after recovering from a road accident.

African couples nightmareMarius Botha (24) and Elske Roux (21) of Vereeniging arrived in Thailand on May 15th and traveled through Thailand taking part in volunteer work in exchange for accommodation and meals.

Marius, Speaking on Tuesday from Bandon Hospital Koh Samui, said they had rented a scooter on June 24th to explore Koh Phangan. While driving in Thongsala Marius was forced to break suddenly and as a result of that crashed the bike with both of them on board.

Marius sustained three injuries that required stitches to his foot and many cuts and scrapes to the rest of this body. Elske sustained a brain haemorrage that required brain surgery.
Marius said “Elske is a strong person. She felt better very soon after the surgery and is able to walk and talk, but she is still struggling. The left side of her face is still numb. ”

The cost for medical treatment for Marius was R27 000 (80,000 baht) and however Elske’s treatment came to R200 000 (600,000 baht).

Their insurer has refused to pay their medical costs as Marius did not have a license to drive the scooter.

Marius told reporters that the hospital took their passports. “Now they say we cannot get our passports until we make a partial payment. They said they would call the police to arrest us if we did not pay the bill within five days ”

African couples nightmare 1With their visas due to expire on Tuesday they were very concerned about how they could legally remain in the country with their passports being held by the hospital.

Louise Roux said Wednesday that her daughter was severely traumatized. She said “I have this morning (Wednesday) been on Skype talking to her. She could not remember the accident and was very upset when she heard their insurance will not pay medical costs. ”

Roux snr. does not know how the account will be paid.

Her sister, Ria van Wyk, workin the African music industry and are trying to quickly arrange a concert to raise the money for the hospital bill.

Jazzy Wong and Ian Holland, an American couple who met the couple during their trip are also planning a fundraising project on the site to try to raise the necessary funds

Gabi Kloseck, a hospital spokeswoman refused to comment.

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