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South Korean tourist knocked out by taxi motorcyclist

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South Korean tourist knocked out by taxi motorcyclist | Samui Times
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A South Korean tourist was hit and knocked out by a taxi motorcyclist after he allegedly refused to pay for his fare Wednesday night, an eyewitness said.
A video clip of the unidentified tourist was posted on YouTube late Wednesday night shortly after the incident happened.
The man was seen in the clip trying to attack a man with crash helmet on. Eventually, the man with crash helmet landed a punch on the first man’s mouth and nose, sending him down and apparently knocking him out.
Jongrak Thiengmak, a staff of Ann’s Bar on Pattaya 2 Road, said the incident happened in front of his bar late Wednesday night.
Jongrak said the South Korean man came to eat and drink at the shop Wednesday night and he became drunk and refused to pay his bill. The man abruptly left the bar at 10 pm. He owed the bar for Bt1,500.
But at 11 pm, he reappeared in front of the bar, quarrelling with a taxi motorcyclist because he refused to pay his fare for Bt200, Jongrak said.
The quarrel led to a brawl and the tourist was hit and became unconscious for about three minutes. One of his teeth also fell off and his nose was bleeding.
Jongrak said staffs of the bar helped stop the bleeding nose with ice and escorted him to his hotel. They also informed the hotel that the tourist owed the bar Bt1,500.
Jongrak said the tourist came to the shop Thursday evening and paid his bill so the bar would not press any charge against him.

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