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Southern insurgents killed and injured by own bomb

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Southern insurgents killed and injured by own bomb | Samui Times
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Southern insurgents accidentally triggered their own powerful homemade bomb aimed at harming security officials in the deep South killing at least one of them and injuring two other.

The deafening explosion was heard in Raman market about one kilometre away at 1.15 am near Kilometre markers 31-32 on Highway 4066 between Kotabaru and Raman.

Security officials comprising soldiers, police and district volunteers rushed to the scene at Ban Pingjuenuerae village in Tambon Kayuboko.

They found a 1.25 metres deep and two metres wide hole caused by the powerful bomb, and also human parts and blood stained clothes scattered around the hole.

An ID card of a youth identified as Mr Komaruszaman Dengsamae, 25, was found at the scene, and also a security pass allowing a motorcycle bearing licence plate to enter government offices in Narathiwat.

Security officials said the bomb weighed at least 10 kilogrammes could cause the hole of this size.

They believed at least three insurgents were either liked or injured when the bomb accidentally went off while they were trying to plant it to harm security vehicles which regularly passed the scene every morning.

All hospitals were alerted of the injured insurgents might be coming to receive treatment.

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