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Spirits at work or more earthly cause in Burmese woman’s death?

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Spirits at work or more earthly cause in Burmese woman’s death? | Samui Times
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Police in Samut Prakarn are investigating the mysterious death of a Burmese woman hired to look after a Thai woman’s one year old child.

spirits-thailandThere are claims that the victim liked to dabble in the dark arts and the spirit of a child was seen coming from her room before she died, reports Sanook.

There is also the possibility of self harming in the death of the 49 year old who was named only as “Tai”, a Thai Yai hill tribe woman.

Police were called to some flats in Soi Khajornwit yesterday after the owner Yuphin, 29, found the body of her nanny lying on the floor. The victim had a wound to the head and bruising on her face and body.

She was fully clothed and wrapped from the waste down in a blue blanket.

There was blood evidence but no signs of a struggle in the room.

Yuphin told police that she had met Tai when she was selling Som Tam in the Phrakhanong area near where she used to live.

They had become close friends and when Yuphin and her husband bought flats and moved to Samut Prakarn at the start of the year they invited her to come too and look after their one year old child as a nanny.

She said that Tai complained of stress and was self harming. Yuphin and her husband tried to help her stop this amid concerns she might harm their child.

Monday night Yuphin’s husband had gone to work and she had sat up talking with Tai until the latter went to bed around one am. Yuphin said when she rose on Tuesday morning she found Tai on the floor with the injuries and mopped up some of the blood and wrapped her in a blanket thinking she was alive.

She called her husband to come home and they realized she was dead and called the cops.

Yuphin told the police that her nanny liked to dabble in the supernatural and kept earthenware dolls in her room. She said that another resident of the flats had seen the spirit of a child emerge from her room and ask for a drink of “red water”.

She told police that she was not sure whether the death was self harm or the work of spirits.

Police asked the neighbors about the relationship of Tai and her employer. They found no evidence that the two had argued before or on the night in question. No noises had come from their room. Tai had been seen taking the one year old for a walk earlier and all had seemed normal.

But police have sent the body for autopsy and are interviewing Yuphin at the station amid concerns that she may be involved in the death of the woman.

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