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Stacked in Chaweng host an event to introduce Perrier to its guests

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Stacked in Chaweng host an event to introduce Perrier to its guests | Samui Times
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Perrier the Ultimate Refreshment

PERRIER is always extravagant, creative, and modern catching to the trendy and social lifestyle. The brand is making its move from the success of Perrier C’est fou! at Thonglorthe hippest street in Bangkok, to Samui!

perrier at stacked 1Perrier is already famous among foreigners, and now the brand is bringing up awareness of this ultimate refreshment toward Thai people, by focusing on key areas like Thonglor in Bangkok and Samui.

Traditionally, Perrier is ritually served pure or with just a slice of lemon. But as the brand has since been associated with famous artists and world-class sporting events, Perrier is now a more lively social drink, trending toward the concept of mixology, where it is used as a base for more colorful refreshments. perrier at stackedToday, Perrier is mixing and matching not just styles but also liquid refreshment in the hands of those cocktail wizards known as mixologists who showcase their skills DJ-style in the hippest bars. Only the best ingredients feature in their cocktails. There would be no mixology without Perrier to provide that sparkling final flourish or take a flavor to new heights.

At the Stacked event in Samui, Perrier introduced to the guests special refreshing cocktails and mocktails, one of which is Mango Sparkler – a fitting drink for the summer season that can easily be prepared with simple ingredients and straightforwperrier at stacked 2ard recipe: 30ml of mango syrup, 15ml of elder-flower syrup, 10ml of lime juice, a dash of Samui rum, mix them together with ice, then top the glass with Perrier to the desire intensity and decorate with diced mango and a slice of lemon.

Part of the event, Perrier and art is an obvious combination, Perrier C’est fou! at Stacked also features with arts, such as Andy Warhol, Jean-Claude Forest, Bernard Villemot and Daaniel Vignat, and makes an special gimmick for guest who experience our drinks to take home the limited edition Art by Perrier

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