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Stark Naked Man Steals Motorbike In Broad Daylight

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Stark Naked Man Steals Motorbike In Broad Daylight | Samui Times
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A completely naked man stole a motorcycle from a shocked woman in the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat and rode away on it. Police found him yesterday at a nearby market, still without clothes. The incident occurred on Sunday in broad daylight and in full view of witnesses. It was recorded and posted on Facebook going viral online.

The video, lasting about 49 seconds, shows a man aged around 30 sitting naked on a road divider at an intersection in Tha Sala district.

Warning: explicit content

He then walked towards a female motorcyclist who was stopped at the red light. As the man approached she was clearly frightened, abandoned her motorcycle and ran away.

The naked man then took possession of the bike as pedestrian ran into the video to stop him, but was kicked away by the naked thief, who then rode off on the bike.

Earlier last Sunday, rescue workers found a naked man sleeping alongside another road in the same district. They bundled him into their vehicle intending to take him to hospital. But when they stopped at an intersection the man woke up, became very agitated and jumped from the vehicle.

Local police assigned to the case say they arrested the naked man at Kimsong market, in the same district, yesterday. He was taken to Tha Sala Hospital for assistance.

SOURCES: Chiang Rai Times | Bangkok Post

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