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Stay out of the sea warn Koh Samui authorities

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Stay out of the sea warn Koh Samui authorities | Samui Times
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Amid reports of another drowning death, big waves in Samui prompted safety officials to visit Chaweng Beach to warn tourists and locals alike of the dangers, reports Thaivisa News.

stay out of the sea in Koh SamuiAs a video clip aired on Facebook showing tourists and locals themselves helping a Burmese man who had got in trouble, authorities went to the popular beach to remind people they should not swim at this time as waves reached 2-3 metres in height.

One jetski operator said that he had rescued several tourists at different locations and said that one later died in hospital.

Despite the fact that red flags and warning signs were in evidence, safety officer Teerawat Maitrisawat said: “parents should be especially vigilant in the holidays. With waves like this it is better not to enter the sea at all. If you do children should not be allowed to go alone.”

He added that it was particularly hard to mount rescue operations with the sea in this condition.

A British tourist called Ryan chipped in: “this is my fourth time here and I have seen what the sea can do. It is better to use a swimming pool when it is like this.”

Meanwhile public spirited jetski operator Petch said that yesterday he had rescued a total of six different people in three separate incidents and one had later died.

“I always warn people when conditions are like this,” he said. “Some don’t understand and have a go at me as though I am forbidding them. I explain that the waves will get them so they must be very careful.”

Facebook user Suthathip Bewcamwan responsible for the clip posted on her page: “I don’t know how many cases there has been today. I think this was a Burmese guy who got in trouble.”

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