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Stock up for Xmas at PassionDelivery!

Samui Times Editor



Stock up for Xmas at PassionDelivery! | Samui Times
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Xmas is coming and it’s time to stock up for the festive season.
christmas passion boxAt PassionDelivery you can choose from hundred of amazing products delivered to your door. Our premium meat, sausages and seafood sections are the most impressive anywhere in Thailand. Even better, prices on some products are up to 30% cheaper than leading supermarkets.
We are not just famous for meat and seafood though, we also offer crumpets, jams, granola, mustards, teas and much more.
If you live in Samui or anywhere other than Bangkok, you can choose from over 300 products here Delivered nationwide via our popular PassionBox service.
If you are looking for quality food delivered, go to
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