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Stop attacking tourists! Pattaya top brass and the “Care Bears” mean business

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Stop attacking tourists! Pattaya top brass and the “Care Bears” mean business | Samui Times
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The message was loud and clear in Walking Street last night – Stop attacking tourists!

And bars and entertainment venues were warned – hurt tourists and face closure for five years.

thailand stop attacking touristsMore than 100 provincial officials and police top brass turned out in force in Walking Street, South Pattaya with a leaflet blitz as they try to repair the damage of a series of attacks on tourists at the resort and elsewhere.

Also included in the entourage were police dressed in orange and white teddy outfits named in Thai as “Mister Care Khun”.

Leading the way was provincial police chief Amphon Buarapporn and Pattaya chief Sukhthat Pumpangmuang who posed for tourists and received presentations from locals. Placards proclaiming “Stop Attacking Tourists” in English with pleas in Thai to work together and cooperate to bring an end to violence were waved for all to see.

The leaflets were handed out in the street and in venues. They were in English, Chinese and Thai. Everybody was asked to spread the word that the force mean business.
And it was further made clear that establishments that do not comply or that make trouble for tourists, both Thai and foreign, could face closure for up to five years.
A series of high profile attacks and snatches of property have been almost a daily occurrence at the resort. The police initiative also comes in the wake of a highly damaging street attack on three British tourists caught on CCTV in Hua Hin in April that attracted world attention.
Locals were asked to report incidences of assault and theft immediately so that swift action can be taken.
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