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How would you stop road accidents in Koh Samui?

Samui Times Editor



How would you stop road accidents in Koh Samui? | Samui Times
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Very few residents of Koh Samui are unaware of the dangers of the roads of Koh Samui. Lack of driving experience, lack of road safety education, lack of law enforcement, drink driving and motorbike riders not wearing helmets all contributes to a level of mortality that is becoming increasingly unacceptable. Lives are being lost, the lives of those left behind are being torn apart and with two funerals in as many days in Maenam alone is it not about time that somebody addressed the issue of road safety.

road accidents samuiWhile the lack of law enforcement can often be targeted as one of the major contributing factors for the appalling road safety statistics on the island, where does the line between the law and those using the roads taking some responsibility for their own safety lie?

Some visitors to the island are aware of the dangers on the roads, some are not, some, sadly, never make it home.

It is easy to sit back and accept the fact that things may never change, lives will continue to be lost and Samui will always have a reputation for road deaths and accidents. Perhaps a better cause of action would be for everybody that lives in Koh Samui to consider how, if they were in charge of the island, they would address the situation and improve the dreadful driving conditions and save the lives that continually are needlessly lost.

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