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Storm beaches yacht on Phuket’s Kata Beach

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Storm beaches yacht on Phuket’s Kata Beach | Samui Times
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The Australian owners of a sailing ketch are trying again yesterday (April 3) to get the yacht off Kata Beach where it became stranded on Wednesday night (April 1).

storm beaches boat in PhuketAccording to Kirill Stashevsky of Phuket’s Gokova Sailing School the two Australian – not yet named – had just bought the ketch, the Scilly Islands-registered Inisfail, from a friend in Ranong.

On the way from Ranong to Phuket, the boat’s engine started to overheat so the duo had to turn it off and continue to Phuket under sail.

When they reached Kata Beach, after dark, they decided to stop for the night and then sail around to the east side of Phuket yesterday to get the engine repaired.

“They told me that in the middle of the night a 15-minute storm came in and un-anchored the yacht.

“The owners, who were on board, first tried to start the engine but couldn’t. They then tried to set the sails but the boat was washed ashore before they could do so – though I seriously doubt that sail would have helped anyway.

“I gave them all the necessary contacts and yesterday they arranged for an excavator to dig a channel to the sea. One of the brothers told me that the Kata rescue centre had promised to provide a tug-boat but this didn’t happen.

“One possible explanation is that reaching Kata from Phuket Town with a tugboat takes around two hours. Can you imaging a tugboat captain coming all this way without a guarantee that he will be paid even if he fails to get the yacht into deep water? There is always some risk of failure.”

It is understood that another attempt is being made today to re-float the yacht.

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