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Strange manifestation at a friendly pool match at the International Bar in Chaweng

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Strange manifestation at a friendly pool match at the International Bar in Chaweng | Samui Times
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The Tropical Murphys Monday Night Pool league payers were at a bit of a lose end on Monday 5th of November as only the first leg of the knockout cup between Bamboo and Chilin was being played at Chilin Bar in Lamai.

Two of the teams, Aussieland and International Bar decided to play a friendly game as there were no league games to play. It was decided, by the two teams, that best venue for the game would be the International Bar, largely due to the fact that the Aussieland bar was demolisSAM_0052hed several months ago and what was the bar is now a building site, without a pool table.

Rather than play against each other the both teams decided it would be more fun to create two teams from a school boy pick. For some unfathomable reason Squiggles and Sheeny, who has recently returned to the island and is famous for his Sheeny screw back shots, were chosen as captains.

The pick took place anSAM_0050d the evening start off pretty normally. Everybody was having a great time, despite some of the players being under the misguided opinion that the way to win the game was to pot the white rather than the black at the end of the game, something that led to some confusion.

Then, about half way through the game a strange apparition manifested itself at the end of the bar. Nobody was at all sure what it was and naturally everybody was rather cautious about approaching it as it slathered and drooled in some kind of trance.

Once the slathering and drooling stopped the strange being sat motionless for around two hours during which time both teSAM_0054ams, feeling rather more brave, had their photographs taken with the strange creatures that showed no signs of leaving or hostility.

Many tourists in the area also noticed the perverse creature, but too afraid to approach it, simply observed it at a distance from beyond the bar.

Come closing time the strange being still showed no sign of returning to wherever it came from and discussions took place between both players and the ever growing crowd as to whether it was super natural or extra terSAM_0051restrial.

Bar owner Steve told the Samui Times “I have no idea what this strange thing is, but it seems to not want to cause us any harm. Providing it remains passive and continues to draw this kind of crowd I am happy for it to be here, it could turn out to be good for business” he went on to say “this could be the latest tourist attraction in Samui and really put the International Bar on the Map” however he ended the interview with a cautionary note he said “if it starts to become hostile, emit foul smells or starts oozing ectoplaSAM_0053sm or something like that, it will have to go, I can’t have things like that going on in this bar, I have more than enough of that during the F1”.

The Samui Times plans to return to the bar for an update on the ‘Thing’ later on in the week.

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