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Street racers get 3-month in prison and cars seized

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Street racers get 3-month in prison and cars seized | Samui Times
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The Taling Chan Provincial Court today sentenced 18 motorists three months in prison with no suspension, and seized 24 cars after finding them guilty of street racing.

street racingAll their seized cars were kept at Bang Khae highway police office.

They were arrested on the night of December 25 after they blocked traffic on a section of Kanchanapisek motorway to race.

A total of 28 cars and pickup truck were engaged in the race, and 20 racers and their supporters arrested.

The mass arrest came after police received tipoff that these racers were making appointment on social media to gather on the motorway in front of the office of Samakhom Pak Tai Association to begin a race.

About 100 vehicles were said to join the street race.

A plan to arrest and seize their vehicles was then worked out with the use of Taling Chan police, highway police and volunteers.

The plan included the use of heavy trucks blocking both ends of the motorway’s express lanes from Kilometre 23 to Kilometre 27.

As over 100 cars and pickup trucks that were modified for racing proposed arrived to start the race, the police then swooped on the place and heavy trucks began blockading both ends of the expressway section.

Traffic on the motorway section was closed as crackdown operation began.

But over half of the racers and their vehicles managed to escape through the unblocked exits due to insufficient police personnel to man all exits on parallel lanes.

Only 28 vehicles, 20 cars and eight pickup trucks were seized along with drivers and their passengers.

They were taken to Taling Chan police station and faced three charges, driving with no regard to safety of others, street racing and illegal modification of vehicles.

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