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Street racing youths sent to Army camp for rehabilitation

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Street racing youths sent to Army camp for rehabilitation | Samui Times
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All the 63 street racers and pillion riders rounded up in Bangkok by a combined force of police, military personnel and local officials on Monday night were yesterday sent to an Army camp in Bangkok to receive a rehabilitation course to adjust their behaviour.

army camp for street racersThey are the first batch of street racers to enter the one week long course that aims to curb unsavory juvenile behavior under the recent order announced by the prime minister to take tough action on defiant youths.

All of them have their personal details recorded by the police and their parents were duly informed.

They were all sent to Royal Thai Army’s 1st Signal Battalion King’s Guard to undergo rehabilitation so that they will reform and not cause further problems for the public.

The battalion commandant Lt Col Suwara Kanjanaphoti said the priority of the rehabilitation programme was placed on developing discipline by undergoing lectures and training from instructors to make sure that these youths understand the consequence of their reckless actions.

He said throughout the entire 7 day course, they are allowed to go home under the care of their parents after every daily session but must return promptly the next morning.

Meanwhile Bang Pongpang police superintendent Pol Col Sompot Suwannajaras said upon conclusion of the 7-day course, parents of these youths are required to put up a 20,000 baht surety after which their seized motorcycles will be returned to them.

But thereafter their conduct will be closely monitored during a 2 year probation period and should it be found that they have resumed their former activities, the surety will be confiscated and the parents will face a 3 month jail term and a 30,000 baht fine.

He said questioning of these youths revealed that most of them felt it is a form of badge of honor to race on the streets.

They felt that they wouldl look like a hero in front of their friends.

He said what the rehabilitation coursee trying to do is to educate them on the folly of their actions and the negative outcome it has for both themselves and other people.

Of the 63 youths entering the course are 57 boys and 6 girls between the ages of 13 – 20 years.

Among the group there are 45 who are under 18 years old. Several have been injured while attempting to flee from officials and worryingly a number of the young girls were found to be pregnant.

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