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Strict ‘no drink-driving’ campaign for Songkran

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Strict ‘no drink-driving’ campaign for Songkran | Samui Times
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A strict “No drink driving” campaign will be enforced over the Songkran Festival holiday, including temporary seizure of the vehicles and licences of drunk drivers, National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) deputy spokeswoman Col Sirichan Ngathong announced yesterday (Mar 21).

drink drivingCol Sirichan said the decision to revive the harsh road safety measures used during the New Year holiday was made at yesterday’s meeting of the NCPO chaired by army chief Gen Theerachai Nakwanich, the NCPO secretary-general, at army headquarters.

She said the aim was to make it safer for people travelling to their home province during celebration next month, and reduce the usual road carnage during the annual water splashing festival.

“Gen Theerachai ordered all agencies to continue with the campaign against drink-driving under an NCPO order, to enable people to travel safely over Songkran,” Col Sirichan said.

The order, issued under Section 44 of the interim constitution in December last year, was initially intended for use during the 2015-2016 New Year Festival.

It empowers authorities to seize the licences of drunk-drivers for up to 30 days and impound their vehicles for a minimum of seven days. Drunk drivers may also be arrested and detained, then sent to attend a behavioural adjustment programme for a maximum of 15 days.

The NCPO agreed at yesterday’s meeting the same safety campaign should be implemented for the coming Songkran Festival long-weekend holiday. Songkran is officially Wednesday April 13 to Friday April 15.

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