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Stricter measure for mobile banking users agreed

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Stricter measure for mobile banking users agreed | Samui Times
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In an effort to ensure full security for customers in using mobile banking services, commercial banks have agreed to submit over 15 million mobile phone numbers of their customers who have registered for mobile banking services to mobile phone operators to look after with care.

The agreement was reached at the meeting between the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC), the Thai Bankers Association, the Bank of Thailand and the Telecommunications Association of Thailand.

The meeting was hosted by the NBTC following a recent internet banking scam that resulted in a customer losing nearly 1 million baht from his savings bank account.

The money had been stolen through an internet banking application after the thief managed to gain a new SIM card at a mobile operator’s shop with a fake ID card.

The case was later proved to be caused by the weaknesses in the verification processes of both the mobile phone operator and the bank.

This prompted the NBTC to encourage banks and mobile operators to implement additional measures to ensure a greater level of security for customers.

At yesterday’s meeting, it was agreed that the existing mobile banking system is secure enough.

But the fault was caused by the phone user who were deceived to send important information to others, as well as the mobile phone operator who issued new SIM card to the thief using a copy of ID card’s victim.

Under a short-term measure to ensure security for users of mobile banking, it requires banks to submit 15 million mobile phone numbers which have registered for mobile banking services to the mobile phone operators to look after with care.

Transfer of mobile system of these phone numbers, missing SIM cards, opening of new mobile phone numbers connected to the old registered numbers, owners of these mobile phone numbers must apply for changes at the counters of the operators by themselves only.

In case of theft or missing phones, owners must report the banks and the mobile phone operators immediately to suspend the services.

If damage still happens to customer after filing report, either the bank or the mobile operators must be held responsible for the damage if either of them is proved to be its fault.

In long-term, fingerprint verification will be used in order to buy a mobile SIM card.

Telecommunication association president Predee Daochai said if mobile phone user is found to do no fault in using mobile banking, the bank must take full responsibility for any damage caused.

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