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Student of the Shanghai American School apologises for his peer’s brutality in the Green Mango

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Student of the Shanghai American School apologises for his peer’s brutality in the Green Mango | Samui Times
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Jack pre attack

Jack prior to the attack

After the viscous attack on a South Australian man, Jack Hansen-Bartel in the Green Mango nightclub in Koh Samui by Raymond Chang and Ryan Wang, one of their fellow students at the Shanghai American School has apologized for the behavior of his peers. He said “As a Shanghai American School alumnus of the same graduating class as Ryan Wang and Raymond Tony Chang, I would like to apologize for the actions of my peers. Please know that their actions are in no way representations of the average Shanghai American School student or the average Chinese-American youth: we really are better than this (although it might be hard to believe now). I don’t know how or why the altercation happened, but I do know that the right thing for Raymond and Ryan to do right now is to owe up to their actions, apologize, and compensate. The moronic behaviors and bad choices of two boys and one of their fathers does not reflect us, and I hope I have salvaged Shanghai American School’s reputation, even if by a marginal amount. So once again, sorry for the mindless and brutal actions of the two individuals I shamefully call my peers.”

wang and chang

Attackers Wang and Chang

The brutal attack took place on the 9th of July as Jack, Raymond and Ryan celebrated their graduation in Koh Samui. Previously unknown to Jack the two American- Chinese students attacked him in the early hours of the morning. Jack required emergency plastic surgery to his upper jaw and lip and is now facing a further 12 to 18 months of more surgery that is expected to give him back 80% of his previous appearance. Prior to the attack Jack had completed the IB Diploma at NIST International School in Bangkok and had a modeling career that was due to take him into TV commercials for three months before he planned to fly to Australia in August to begin a course at the Monash University. Both his modeling career and education have now been put on hold.

jack pre attack 1

Jack enjoying his vacation

Immediately after the attack Raymond and Ryan fled the scene but were later apprehended after what Jack’s mother Annie describes as the tireless efforts of Police Colonet Satit and Lieutenant Danchai of the Bophut Police Station.

After being apprehended Wang and Chang were given bail and had travel restrictions put on them that stated they could only engage in essential travel. Having told the court that they had essential travel plans to attend the funeral of a relative, Annie’s fears were raised when SOS students discovered photographs of the boys enjoying holidays that did not fall in line with the essential travel guidelines laid down, on social media wesbites.

In view of the discovery the Samui Provincial Court ask the men to surrender their passports pending trail. On arrival at the court the father of one of the boys attacked at Channel 7 camera man directly outside the court building, the channel later broadcast the attack on national television.

jack 2

Horrific injuries

In a shocking twist to the story, having had their passports revoked and six weeks after the attack, Wang and Chang have now pressed charges against Jack for assault and misdemeanor. Horrified that her injured son could be arrested Annie contacted the army’s National Council for Peace and Order who reviewed the case and said they would oversee the entire process in conjunction with Colonel Satit.

Colonel Werachon said that the NCPO is heavily combating corruption in Thailand and that it is a main priority for the governing military junta. He advised that both Thai and foreign nationals such as Jack should be secure in the fact that the NCPO, in conjunction with the Koh Samui police department, is determined to make sure this is a fair and transparent legal process

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