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Student,19, seeks justice after employer claims she stole 10 million baht in gold

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Student,19, seeks justice after employer claims she stole 10 million baht in gold | Samui Times
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A nineteen year old student from Nakorn Panom has made a complaint to crime suppression police that she has been the victim of a Bangkok woman who said she and her parents stole from her. She said the claim is a malicious lie.

student seeks justicePolice are now to investigate claims that the student’s former employer tried to lure her into working in Hong Kong and this was connected to human trafficking in some way, reported Thairath.

The Bangkok woman, a condo owner who claimed to be a “Khun Ying” (lady) and husband of a top policeman, employed the student and her parents last year.

The student, named only as “Ae” went to join her parents in Bangkok in May 2015 to earn some extra money before going to university. Her mother was a maid and her dad looked after cars for the ‘lady’ named only as “Kai”. Ae was to look after the cats.

Ae said that after she was employed for two weeks Kai started pestering her about going to work in Hong Kong. She said that she could earn a lot of money there and that she had already arranged this for many others. Ae said she was not interested but Kai would not take no for an answer and kept bothering her about it.

She said her parents would not let her go anyway because she must complete her studies. Finally the family decided to leave without telling Kai as they couldn’t put up with the pestering regarding the job in Hong Kong any longer.

After they left Kai reported to police in the Prachcheun area of Bangkok that they had stolen 40 baht weight of gold bars and other gold and diamond jewelry and necklaces worth more than 10 million baht. She said that she had CCTV evidence of the family leaving but Ae says that this only shows them leaving not stealing.

The family said they just left without telling anyone – they never stole anything.

In November last year Ae was arrested as she applied for a job at a department store. She was denied bail and held at a juvenile facility for girls for two months. The timeframe for pressing charges ran out and she was released but a warrant for the arrest of her parents still stands.

As the case is still not officially resolved she has been unable to take up a position offered to her at a Sakon Nakorn university.

Yesterday Ae went to the crime suppression division in Bangkok to seek justice claiming that she and her parents have been the victims of a malicious claim for prosecution from their former employer.

Crime suppression police are set to investigate and will look into claims that the job offer in Hong Kong may concern human trafficking. They said that the claim that the employer made regarding being a ‘lady’ and husband of a policeman has no bearing on the case. They are leaving the investigation of the alleged theft in the hands of the Prachacheun police.

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