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Stunning! Thailand cheapest place for medicines in the world, says survey

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Stunning! Thailand cheapest place for medicines in the world, says survey | Samui Times
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Sanook reported that it was “stunning” that Thailand has been named as the cheapest place to buy medicines in the world according to an online survey.

America is the most expensive by far. 

Stunning! Thailand cheapest place for medicines in the world, says survey | News by Samui Times

Female contraceptives and HIV medication are among the cheapest individual medicines. 

Fifty countries were surveyed in the MEDBELLE “2019 Medicine Price Index”.

It was a comparison survey of 13 medications from heart meds to Viagra, Asthma to Anti-depressants and HIV treatments. 

The method by which Medbelle came up with their findings is explained on their site as follows:

We began the study by selecting thirteen prevalent pharmaceutical compounds in order to make a comparison on a euro-for-euro basis of how much medicines cost in different countries, regardless of whether covered by a healthcare system, or paid directly from the individual’s pocket. The medications chosen for comparison span a variety of common conditions; from heart disease and asthma, to anxiety disorders and erectile dysfunction. The average prices of both the brand compound and their generic versions were included in order to have a complete profile of each medication. Lastly, we normalised the dosage size in order to make the price comparable.

Once all these figures were collected, we were able to calculate the median price for each compound around the world, as well as how far the actual price per dose in each country deviates from the median global cost. The results range from a +306.82 % deviation in the United States, to -93.93% in Thailand, highlighting a disparity in what patients pay for the same medicine across the world.

Thailand came top with a figure that its medications were 93.93% cheaper than the world average.

The rest of the top ten with some averages follows:

2. Kenya 93.76%

3. Malaysia 90.80%

4. Indonesia

5. India

6. South Africa

7. Russia

8. Turkey

9. Egypt

10. South Korea 33.98% cheaper

The most expensive countries for the 13 medications were

1. USA 306.82% more expensive than average

2. Germany 125.64%

3. UAE 122.03%

4. Italy

5. Denmark

6. Qatar

7. Spain

8. Netherlands

9. Israel

10. Iceland 56.01%

Thailand’s rating for some drugs and their relative cheapest position among the surveyed countries are as follows:

Erectile-dysfuction drugs: 31st cheapest

Heart/Cholesterol: 20th

Diabetes: 21st

Female Contraceptives: 4th

HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B: 6th

Bacterial infections: 12th.


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