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Supreme Court upholds death sentence for Mayor Tai

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Supreme Court upholds death sentence for Mayor Tai | Samui Times
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The Supreme Court today upheld the earlier death rulings decided by two lower courts for a former Ratchaburi local politician in a conspiracy to shoot his rival, a former Thai Rak Thai party MP, to death in 2006.

death sentance ThailandThe Supreme Court judges declared Anantasak Srisawat, alias “Mayor Tai”, guilty for collaborating with his men to use M16 assault rifles to shoot Mrs Kobkul Nopamornbodi, former Ratchaburi MP of the defunct Thai Rak Thai party to death.

The death sentence was upheld.

The verdict was read upon his appearance at Khao Din prison in Ratchaburi where he was detained.

For another prisoner Anont or M Pantharat, the court judges said since he had withdrawn his appeal, he therefore will serve life sentence as earlier ruled by the two lower courts.

The final ruling today ended the trial which dragged on for almost 10 years after the shooting on May 27, 2006.

Three people had been arrested in the murder conspiracy. They were sentenced to death by the two lower courts.
However two of them confessed to the murder and had their death sentence commuted to life imprisonment.

Only Mayor Tai appealed and insisted of his innocence.

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