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Surat Thani introduces new tourism spot atop a cliff

Samui Times Editor



Surat Thani introduces new tourism spot atop a cliff | Samui Times
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Surat Thani province has unveiled its latest tourist attraction called the “Hin Pad” or the giant fan-shaped stone located atop a cliff.

surat thani mapSurat Thani Governor Chatpong Chatphut along with villagers and members of relevant agencies have joined in a religious ceremony to pay respects to the forest spirits and to let tourists get a chance to see the “Hin Pad”.

The giant stone measures 6 meters in height and rests on a steep cliff with a base of around 30 centimeters that doesn’t fully touch the ground. A beautiful scenic view can be seen through the gap between the gigantic stone and the ground where the base touches.

Locals have pushed for the spot to become a tourist destination for quite some time now, until finally, governor Chatpong came down to visit the site himself. The location will, therefore, be lifted as an official eco-friendly tourism route.

Hin Pad at Baan Suan Yao is located 15 kilometers away from the Kirirat Nikom Train Station on Highway 4247. The province is in the process of improving the roads and setting up sightseeing pit stops and bathrooms along the way for better convenience of tourists.


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