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Surat Thani mini-van driver arrested in Phuket for drug possession

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Surat Thani mini-van driver arrested in Phuket for drug possession | Samui Times
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A Surat Thani based mini-van driver was arrested in Phuket Town on Jan 16 when he was found to be in possession of methamphetamine (ya bah) and crystal meth (ya ice) which were to be delivered to a Phuket dealer.

Surat_man_arrested_for_drugsAt 4:30pm Maj Rithichai Chumchuay of the Phuket City Police and his team arrested 33-year-old Mr Payungkorn Inaksorn from Surat Thani when 2.75 grams of ya ice and 30 ya bah pills were found hidden inside his mini-van.

A further search of Payungkorn’s rented room on Sakdidet Rd later discovered 719.03g of ya ice.

The arrest of Payungkorn came after police received a tip-off that drugs were being delivered by mini-van to a location on Sakdidet Rd.

Police found a mini-van parked behind a grocery on Sakdidet Rd and carried out surveillance on it.

A man was seen leaving a rented room opposite the van and when he approached the van police asked to search the vehicle where they discovered the first stash of drugs. A further search of the man’s room revealed the second stash.

Payungkorn told police that he got the drugs from Surat Thani and was set to deliver them to a dealer in Phuket.

“I was paid 100g of ya ice for making the delivery. I had already sold 50g to a friend for B90,000”, he said.

Payungkorn has been charged with possession of Category 1 drugs with intent to sell.

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