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Suspected “Door Knocker Rapist” arrested at hometown in Korat

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Suspected “Door Knocker Rapist” arrested at hometown in Korat | Samui Times
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A man suspected of being the man known as the “Door Knocker Rapist” was arrested hiding in his home town of Bua Yai in Nakorn Ratchasima yesterday.

SuspectedChanon Thongrort, 27, has denied he attacked a 15 year old girl in a tower block at Muang Thong Thani estate.

He said he just pushed her.

Police said earlier that a man had been terrorizing the estate attacking women in their homes in several tower blocks.

An arrest warrant had been issued for Chanon after the 15 year old said he tried to rape her in a stairwell after she popped out to buy some things on September 17th. She said that he got into the lift and he followed her to the tenth floor before grabbing her on the fire escape stairs as she went down to her ninth floor room.

She managed to get away.

Police in Pak Kret will also be talking to Chanon about three other cases where a man burst into condominiums on the estate where women were living alone.

The man knocked on doors and finding women alone attacked them.

Bua Yai police found Chanon at his birthplace and made an arrest yesterday afternoon. Pak Kret police traveled to the province to pick him up and take him back to Bangkok for questioning, reported Thai Rath.

Thai Visa / Thai Rath


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