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Suspected terrorists arrested in Thailand

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Suspected terrorists arrested in Thailand | Samui Times
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According to a report in the Bangkok post two foreign terrorist suspects were arrested by Thai Police on Monday.

Thailand is a popular tourist destination for Israeli travelers, the two men that were arrested were suspected of coming to the country to carry out attacks on Israeli tourists during the Jewish Passover that coincided with the Thai New Year Songkran festival.

supsected terrorists ThailandLt. Gen Paradorn said “we have arrested two out of three suspects”. The two were identified as Lebanese-French national Daoud Farhat and Lebanese-Philippine national Youssef Ayad. The NSC chief has not said whether the two men are linked to the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah or whether or not they will be deported.

Both men are listed on the website Stop910 which collects information on suspect terrorist cells operating in Asia and carries notices of financial rewards and information.

The third suspect Bilal Bahsoun many not have entered Thailand according to the immigration police.

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