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Suspects involved in the brutal attack of an Australian man have their passports confiscated by the Samui Provincial Court.

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Suspects involved in the brutal attack of an Australian man have their passports confiscated by the Samui Provincial Court. | Samui Times
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At 7am on Thursday July 24th concerned mother Annie Hansen arrived in Koh Samui from Bangkok to continue her fight for justice for her son, Jack, who was badly beaten by two attackers in the Green Mango Nightclub in Koh Samui on the night of June 9th.

Jack 3The two attackers, who were unknown to Jack, immediately fled the scene. Jack was left with injuries so severe his mother was initially advised they were consistent with the use of a weapon. After the attack Jack underwent emergency plastic surgery to reattach the gum that had been ripped apart and now faces approximately twelve to eighteen months of further surgeries that are expected to get him close to an 80% recovery.

Police chief Satit Promutai and Lieutenant Danchai from the Bophut police station later apprehended two graduating students from a prominent American high school in Shanghai, China in connection with the attack. After being arrested the pair admitted the charges and were let out on bail on condition that they proved a permanent address in Thailand and later came to an agreement with the court for their passports to be returned allowing them essential travel from Thailand.

After photographs of the men later appeared on social media networks suggesting the duo were enjoying less than essential travel, Ms. Hansen became concerned that the men would not return to Thailand to meet their essential bail appearances at the court and flew down today to ensure they did in fact attend.

The two men did appear in court however the heavy luggage they were carrying suggested they had flown in purely to make the appearance, and are not actually residing in Koh Samui. It later became clear the permanent address they had given the court was in fact the address of their lawyer’s office in Samui and not a residential dwelling.

Ms. Hansen arrived at the court flanked by members of the Australian news channel 7, who are covering the case.

Faced with a camera crew outside the court, the father of one of the suspects immediately approached the camera man and angrily snapped the microphone off the professional camera equipment, before entering the court building.

After appealing to the court to revoke their passports, a judge decreed that they must once again surrender their passports until the next hearing.

After the decision was made with regards to the passports, a relieved Ms. Hansen left the court to meet with the public prosecutor before making her way to the Bophut police station to thank Police chief Satit Promutai and Lieutenant Danchai for their hard work and diligence in her son’s case that resulted in the suspects being apprehended and commend them on their handling of the case.

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