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Suspects in the Koh Tao murder case detained for twelve more days ask the UK for help

Samui Times Editor



Suspects in the Koh Tao murder case detained for twelve more days ask the UK for help | Samui Times

Yesterday in the Koh Samui Provincial Court the court judge approved the prosecutor’s request for the continued detention of Zaw Lin and Wei Phyo (Win) until December 2nd. The prosecutor said that he needed more time to allow the police to complete a more detailed investigation to ensure ‘justice’ is done on all sides. He went onto say that numerous requests for justice in the case and the high public profile and media attention as well as the high public profile means that further investigation on numerous issues was required by the police, and that examination of material evidence was also not complete, including DNA taken from the bodies of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller.

boys 1During the hearing the prosecutor said that he did not oppose the accused requesting bail. Lawyers for the accused have now requested the Myanmar embassy to consider attempting to post bail for the temporary release of the accused. If bail were approved as the two men are non Thai nationals it would perhaps be likely that bail would be set at around 1,000,000 per person.

Zaw Lin and Wei Phyo both expressed concerns for their families, who, before their incarceration, relied on them for income; both men worked in Koh Tao and sent money home for their families. Zaw said he was particularly concerned as his father died some years ago and he was the main bread winner for his mother. He told the judge “I have no way of providing for my mother while I am in jail”.

boys 3Both men strongly deny having any involvement in the murders. In an exclusive interview with the UK’s Guardian Newspaper, their first media interview since being arrested, the men expressed their sorrow over the deaths of the two Britons, said that they were not involved in the deaths and asked the UK authorities to share with their lawyers the results of the Metropolitan police review of the Thai investigation. In a handwritten note the parents of the victims they said they share the grief of Hannah and David’s families but stressed they did nothing wrong and hope that eventually the truth will come out.


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