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Suspects in the Koh Tao murder case tell lawyers they are not guilty

Samui Times Editor



Suspects in the Koh Tao murder case tell lawyers they are not guilty | Samui Times

Zaw Lin and Win Htua who, the two men who stand accused of killing two backpackers in Koh Tao have lodged a petition to the prosecutors insisting that they had nothing to do with the murder and only confessed because they were tortured. Yesterday they met with lawyers from the Lawyers Council of Thailand, an urgent motion has been filed to halt all progress in pending prosecutions. They said in their singed statement that they did not kill or rape either one of the victims and that they were not at the crime scene.
The LTC has lodged a petition with the public prosecutor on behalf of the suspects requesting fair treatment, asking the process to be delayed and requesting that the case be re-investigated calls have also been made on officials to seek character references from their relatives, friends and employees.
The pair claim they were forced to confess to the murders and were assaulted by the translator provided by the police, one of them said he was kicked in the chest. The lawyer says that the suspects have asked that their translator be changed as they do not trust the records of their accounts to the police given by the original translator who was of a different ethnicity to the suspects and spoke a different dialect, leading to confusing during the translation. It has been reported that the original translator is a pan cake vendor on Koh Tao of Rohingya decent and not a professional translator.
It is unclear at this point when the UK police will come to join the investigation and what their role will be once they arrive. As the case has now been submitted to the public prosecutor is it no longer a matter for the Royal Thai Police and some reports suggest the UK police will only be allowed to observe and ask questions rather than conduct their own investigation, however in light of the suspects fully recanting their confessions and calls being made for a re-investigation only time will tell.

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