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Suthep Thaugsuban makes his thoughts on talks with Yingluck known on Facebook

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Suthep Thaugsuban makes his thoughts on talks with Yingluck known on Facebook | Samui Times
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Anti government leader Suthep Thaugsuban has made his thoughts known on Yingluck and possible talks with her to resolve the current political situation on the Facebook page of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee. Here you will find some of his posts from yesterday.

Suthep Thaugsuban (19.39): Or is it me who’s missing something? Yingluck keeps saying that we must “unite” and “come together.” She’s also said that we should “talk” and “discuss.” I think I will go mad from any talks with her. That one time when I met her along with the army, navy, and air force chiefs was more than enough. I told her that she should resign because the public was fed up with her denouncement of the law and her corruption, and that it was time for her to resign. She asked me: “Can I do that? Is that legal?” So I had to explain our constitution to her, highlighting the section prescribing that the sovereign power belongs to the Thai people.

Protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban stresses a point as he addresses anti-government protesters at the occupied Government complex in BangkokEven then, she continued to ask: “who will be the new PM?” So I had to explain the legal process of what would happen after she resigned, i.e., an interim PM and government would be appointed, along with a people’s assembly. Once reforms were undertaken, elections would be held. And then we would go home and resume civil life.

At this point, her response to me was: “I come from elections.” I told her that while that might have been the case, she had betrayed the public with her wrongdoings. She then said: “Let me think about it.” I knew immediately that this meant she couldn’t say anything without Thaksin’s green light. And he’s already declared that he would never give up. Since this is the case, then why should I discuss anything with this Thaksin puppet? That’s why I said would probably lose my mind from such talks.

Suthep Thaugsuban (19.49): If I were to talk to Yingluck, my underlying condition which I propose to the masses is this – the talks must be completely transparent, bilateral, and must be televised live nationally so all of you can bear witness to our discussion. I will not engage in secret talks. Any negotiations must be before the public because the subject of our discussion concerns the public.

I’ve just received notice of Yingluck’s response. “I will need assistance,” she said, “and the demonstrations must terminate before any talks can start.” As for the live broadcast of the talks, she said: “There should be several parties present and engaged in the discussions because I can’t speak for the entire country.” She also said that any discussions must be within the framework of the constitution.

suthepWhat does this even mean? That’s why I said that I might go insane from any talks with her. We’ve been demonstrating for 3-4 months; why would we stop protesting Yingluck’s government and the Thaksin regime just for the chance to talk with her? She’s simply stalling for time. Her downfall is near.

Suthep Thaugsuban (19.56): Yingluck, here are some tips for you for our potential talks. If you start negotiating Thaksin’s freedom from his prison term, or the return of the 46 billion baht seized by the courts, my answer is NO. This reflects the will of the great masses. I’m telling you this in advance so you can consult with your brother Thaksin. I will tell you that I am reluctant to engage in talks with you because I know you are only concerned about your personal interests and those of your family. You say that you will stay in power until the last minute of your term. I’ll wait and see you try to pack up your bags during your final minutes in office while your assets are being seized.

Suthep Thaugsuban (20.01): You have murdered 4 young innocent children, Yingluck. Already more than half the country despises you. If you carry out Nattawut’s plan of denouncing the NACC and shutting down independent agencies, even more people will despise you. You go ahead and wait for your last minute in office, Yingluck. We’ll wait too – we’ve been waiting for over 3 months so we can wait a little while longer. We’re not going to give in now.

Suthep Thaugsuban (20.04): I’ve stood in your shoes before, Yingluck. I was charged by the NACC and the Senate was set to impeach me. I never complained or tried to denounce the independent agency. I presented my case and defense to the Senate, and waited for the Senate decision. I thought I would be impeached and my political career terminated. However, an overwsuthep 1helming amount of Senators agreed with my defense so I wasn’t impeached.

Yet you, Yingluck, the NACC hasn’t even decided your case and you’ve jumped the gun by denouncing them for being unfair. What is your standard of fairness and justice, Yingluck? You don’t accept the authority of any independent agency, Yingluck. The rejection of the rule of law is in the nature of you and your supporters. You mouth the words “democracy,” “rule of law,” and “constitution,” when in your heart you’re shouting, “Shinawatra,” “Shinawatra,” “Shinawatra.” The people see right through you, Yingluck. This is why we’re rising up against you.

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