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Swiss father’s anguish: Mother won’t let him say last goodbye to his dead son

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Swiss father’s anguish: Mother won’t let him say last goodbye to his dead son | Samui Times
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The story of the four children who fell from a block of Ramkhamhaeng flats on Monday has become the most talked about drama of the week in Thailand.

Swiss father's anguish: Mother won't let him say last goodbye to his dead son | News by Samui TimesNot just for the tragedy of the death of one of the children – the story is just as much about the relationship of the Swiss father who says he has been denied access to his own children and their mother who he claims is only interested in money.

Alex Borel,5, died on Monday after falling from the fourth floor in the night. His three elder siblings were injured two breaking their legs. Two are still in ICU. Their ages are 11, 10 and 7.

The father has said that a court has given him custody but the mother refuses to allow him to see the children.

Now she has even denied him the chance to pick up his dead son and take him to a funeral. And she won’t allow him to see the other injured children in hospital.

She told Thai Rath that she intends to wait until the other two children are out of ICU before sorting out a funeral.

More details about the couple’s problems have emerged with Thai Rath featuring the story in detail and the main participants all talking on TV’s “Straight Talking” show.

Father Marcel Borel – an English teacher for many years – said he just wants to be a good father to the children.

He has slammed his wife and her family claiming they are only interested in money and that they are selfish.

“I have nothing to say to the crazy people who don’t take care of my kids and kill my son”, he said.

It was revealed earlier in the week that the children were home alone after the mother went to work a night shift. The grandparents who live on the ground floor locked them in after saying goodnight.

But tragedy struck when the youngest boy wanted a midnight snack and they all fell from a platform used to drain cups and plates.

The father told a long story about his court battle to have custody of his children which he said he won.

He said he was an artist then after having the first two children trained to become a teacher. But when they moved to Kheha Thani – a housing project – things went bad.

The area had people selling Ya Ba and his wife changed, he alleged, saying she started to lie and steal.

One day while he was out at work the police called to say she had been arrested.

He started looking after the children and would only let her see them on weekends. But after she took them away on holiday she took them away from him.

Money that he lent her – 20,000 baht – was not returned, he said.

Winning rights in court apparently changed little.

The wife has counterclaimed that the father hurt the children – a charge that he denies saying that he has an unblemished record teaching primary children at school for the last ten years or so.

He was backed up by Nawaporn Brady – a close personal Thai friend who is the wife of a mutual foreign friend. She said he has known him for ten years and has appeared by his side to explain in Thai what he has said in English.

Both have been in tears as they explain the situation.

While tears have also flowed from the grandparents and initial reports from neighbors in Ramkhamhaeng Soi 34 suggested that the children were happy and well cared for.

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Swiss father's anguish: Mother won't let him say last goodbye to his dead son | News by Samui Times

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