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Swiss man arrested with bullets at Phuket airport

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Swiss man arrested with bullets at Phuket airport | Samui Times
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A Swiss man was arrested at Phuket International Airport (PIA) yesterday (Dec 14) when it was discovered he was carrying live ammunition in his suitcase.

swiss man arrested with bulletsThe arrest of 39-year-old Andre Steinemann was made by Tha Chatchai Police Chief Col Somchay Sanprasert, Immigration Police and officials from Royal Navy Third Third Area Command when the two 9mm bullets and one Sig Sauer magazine was picked up by x-ray scanner.

Chief supervisor one of the airport’s security teams, Wantana Sirijantarachart, was alerted of the discovery by x-ray officer Kamon Kaidhom who stated that the x-ray machine showed an image of what appeared to be ammunition inside a Samsonite suitcase belonging to a foreign man.

After opening the case, the two bullets and magazine were found inside and police were contacted.

When asked by police if he had a permit to carry the ammunition, Mr Andre said that he didn’t, so he was taken to Tha Chachat police station where he was charged with illegal possession of ammunition.

PIA have ramped up security since the Paris bomb blast and other terrorist related incidents in other countries in November.

PIA Director, Monrudee Gettuphan explained, “The PIA together with Tha Chatchai Police, Royal Navy Third Area Command and airport security officers are working to give travellers maximum security.

“We have set up additional security checkpoints at the entrance to the passenger terminal and added more patrol officers at both the arrival and departure terminals. We have mobile units that patrol the car park and other areas, especially Airside,” she said.

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