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Ta Thimkaeo – an update on Samui’s incredible artist

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Ta Thimkaeo – an update on Samui’s incredible artist | Samui Times
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In 2013 the Samui Times met an incredible artist called Ta who had an art gallery on Ko Samui where she produced some incredible paintings. After telling her story (click here to read the original article) we decided to catch up with Ta to find out where her talent has taken her. It turns out that in 2013 she decided to move to Khanom to concentrate on selling her art online, this decision has brought her considerable success with pieces being sold in over 10 different countries, her best customer lives in Holland which is not short of artist or art galleries, her next best lives in Samui.

SAM_3119Ta is a featured artist on AatFrinder as well as FineArtSeen who recently published an interview, an excerpt of which you can read below.

Your artwork covers a variety of styles – could you tell us your favourite style to create and describe the reasons behind this?

At the moment I’m like a little kid who’s just learning to walk and touching everything,
I feel I’m still experimenting with my work and don’t really think I’ve settled on a particular style yet, but if I had to pick a favourite I think it would be my “Memories of Thailand” collection. Simply because it takes me back to my childhood I have a lot of good memories of that time.
How do you seek inspiration for your work?

I use my world around me for ideas. The men going out early morning fishing, the local people down the market, the markets I used to go to as a kid, the colours the smells the noise. I use my memories a lot for inspiration, ideas just come to me I’ve always had a vivid imagination.

I love walking along the beach in the early morning with my dogs just before the sun comes up, it’s breathtakingly beautiful, colourful and awe-inspiring.

Tell us about your local area in Thailand. Is there an active artist community?

That’s when we lived on Koh Samui and had a gallery. Samui is loaded with galleries but geared mainly for the tourist trade. Most of them struggled to make a living as there are just too many selling the same kind of art.

I used to have lots of artists pop into my shop to talk about art and techniques for hours. I think I had a lot of visitors because my work was so different, I used to get the local Thais ta-art-1walking past to peer in, young kids were always staring at my nudes, Thais don’t normally do nudes.

I now live in Khanom and it’s so different, there are no galleries there isn’t even a book shop. If I want a book I have to order from Bangkok or travel 100k then there’s very little choice.

I used to have to go to Samui to buy my art materials, but now I’ve found a shop in Nakhon Si Thammarat about 100k down the road and I can call the owner up, order what I want and he will put my order on the mini bus to Khanom and I can pick it up from the bus station, which makes life a lot easier.

I still stock up when I go across to Samui or up to Bangkok because you can’t always get the colours you want. Living here also has its benefits. It’s very quiet, I can live on the beach and I have a beautiful garden which I can paint in, usually in the early morning before it gets too hot.

Click here for the full interview

Ta says “For artists like me that do not have access to real bricks and mortar art galleries online sites are a lifeline, sites like SAM_3117FineArtSeen gives me the opportunity to show and sell my work to the world regardless of where I live. FineArtSeen and others are wonderful to work with, very supportive, offers great advice and a great showcase for showing my work to customers all over the world.

I don’t live in Paris, London, Amsterdam or New York yet I’ve sent my work there thanks to sites such as ArtFinder it would have been impossible only a few years ago, not bad for a girl from the rice fields of Thailand.

I’m working on a collection called Memories of Thailand, mainly about my memories of working in the rice fields when I was a kid and memories of traveling round Thailand and I’m pleased to say some of that collection is hanging on the walls of Samui, New York, Washington, Colorado and Scotland.

I’m also working on a collection of “My Ladies” which is completely different but enjoyable to work on. My ladies tell a story, if they have a face and sometimes they do and sometimes they do not, you will see something in their eyes, my ladies have something of the night about them, something in their past, they are ladies with no nationalities or boundaries, but always strong and in control and always beautiful.

If you would like to know more about my work you have a look at

or get in touch with me on Thanks Ta.


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