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Tap water in Thailand safe to drink

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Tap water in Thailand safe to drink | Samui Times
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The Provincial Waterworks Authority has reiterated that tap water in Thailand is safe to drink and its production is in line with the World Health Organisation (WHO) standard.

tap water koh samuiThe agency said its water treatment plants ensure that tap water in each province exceeds world standards for drinking water. The “Safe Tap Water” campaigns initiated by the body have been growing, with the latest drive launched in Trang.

The campaign is aimed at informing the public of the quality of tap water and at urging the public to forgo purchasing bottled water in favour of drinking water from the tap.

The Department of Health will also be conducting analysis of the water provided by the PWA as part of the campaign.

The public is nonetheless advised to inspect their household water pipes to make sure they are in good condition all year round.


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