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TAT to promote “renewed love” campaign for European visitors

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TAT to promote “renewed love” campaign for European visitors | Samui Times
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The Tourism Authority of Thailand has drawn up a new strategy to promote the country as a “renewed love” destination in order attract and increase the number of European visitors.
Thanet Phetsuwan, TAT’s marketing director for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, said a new trend in tourism promotion is to gear for the personal feelings of tourists.
Thanet said starting next year, the country will aim to become the destination where estranged spouses and those married couples could renew their romantic moments.
Some couples might have drifted apart and forgotten the last time they showed affections for one another, he said. Thailand would like to remind them about being romantic, he added.
Having dinner together and holding hands are some pointers for keeping the couples staying in love, he said.
The TAT’s new strategy is expected to differentiate the country from other destinations geared for honeymooners and the recently-wed couples.
The TAT will next year campaign to boost the number of European visitors by reaching out to potential tourists living in smaller cities of the United Kingdom, France and Germany.
The number of Russian arrivals will likely drop from the peak of 1.7 million visitors for the next few years due to the economic doldrums.
The TAT will carry out a contingency plan to boost visitors from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Ukraine to make up for the drop in Russian visitors.
For the Russian market, the tourism marketing strategy will shift from the mass market to high-end visitors.
In the past, the marketing campaign was geared for the middle-income earners. Although the Russian economy is slowing down, this has not impacted on the big spenders, however.
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