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TCT contemplating 5 tourism boosting packages

Samui Times Editor



TCT contemplating 5 tourism boosting packages | Samui Times
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The Tourism Council of Thailand is to propose measures to boost tourism in Thailand, hoping to breath a new life into the local tourism scene during the low season.

These measures include a scheme that increases the maximum amount of Value Added Tax refund for tourists from 15,000 baht to 100,000 baht, the council revealed, saying this program focuses on wealthy Thais who like to travel.

The TCT will also call on governmental units to replace their sending of officials on field trips abroad with domestic sightseeing tours.

Another interesting scheme is a low-interest loan offer for Small and Medium Enterprise travel agencies with the help of the SME Bank.

The loan will carry an interest rate of 7 percent, with the Ministry of Finance absorbing 3 percent, leaving operators to pay only 4 percent of the interest rate.

The council deems this scheme the most crucial one to boost tourism during this low season.


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