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Tesco Lotus announce huge price cutting campaign

Samui Times Editor



Tesco Lotus announce huge price cutting campaign | Samui Times
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Tesco Lotus has announced that it intends to spend Bt3 million to lower in store prices. The prices of mother and baby products will see cuts of up t 20% and fresh food prices will come down by up to as much as 15%. The cost cutting campaign is aimed to help Tesco Lotus’s customers reduce their living costs at a time when the economy is tight.

The chief commercial officer said that Tesco has always been committed to reducing the costs of essential items and are constantly aware of the cost of living of the general public.

As well as reducing the cost of more than 870 mother and baby product lines Tesco Lotus has invested Bt600 million on reducing fresh-food prices to a wholesale price. The campaign covers farm produce, meat, eggs and seafood.

The chain says that it will continue its usual weekend promotions, discounts and coupon campaigns with a plan to invest more than Bt2 billion. Tesco Lotus employs a price checking team to ensure that their customers are confident that prices are lowest when they shop at their store.

“We are confident that Tesco Lotus’ continuing price investment will help reduce the cost-of-living burdens of our customers when many sectors are facing reduced incomes and high levels of debt. Many people can benefit from this historic price reduction through the Tesco Lotus network of almost 1,800 stores in 73 provinces across Thailand,” Sompong said.

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