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Thai actress claims she was sexually assaulted by police officer

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Thai actress claims she was sexually assaulted by police officer
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A 25 year old Thai actress filed a complaint to the police saying she was sexually assaulted by a police officer while sleeping off the effects of drinking at a friend’s house in Bangkok.

Yesterday, a celebrity lawyer, Sittha Biabangkerd, accompanied the actress, Jaibua Hidding, to Kannayao Police Station where she filed a complaint against the alleged molester, a police inspector from Bang Plad Police Station in Bangkok.

Sittha made public that the incident happened on Monday, August 1.

Jaibua and her friends were drunk after coming back from a bar in the Ramintra area of Bangkok. But her friends wanted to carry the party on at the house of another friend in the Kannayao area at about 3am, where the house owner and his police friend were drinking.

Jaibua fell asleep on the sofa but woke at 9am to discover the police officer lying next to her touching her body and breasts. The actress woke her other friends and stormed out of the house.

The police officer tried to contact Jaibua to say sorry but she insisted on reporting the assault to the police.

The Superintendent of Kannayao Police Station, Narain Khengsanook, reported that they would question the victim in more detail and invite the police inspector accused of the assault to acknowledge the accusation.

The name of the accused has not been released yet.

According to section 276 of the Thai law, Whoever commits an indecent act to a person of over 15 years of age by threatening with any means, by doing any act of violence, by taking advantage of that person to be in the condition of inability to resist, or by causing that person to mistake him for the other person, shall be imprisoned not more of ten years or fined not more of 20,000 baht, or both.

SOURCE: Dailynews | Khaosod | Kapook


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