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THAI airways flight to Samui makes emergency landing in Suvarnabhumi

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THAI airways flight to Samui makes emergency landing in Suvarnabhumi | Samui Times
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Yesterday a Thai Airways International flight from Suvarnabhumi bound for Samui returned to Bangkok to make an emergency landing after it took off. Flight TG 281 left Suvarnabhumi at 7-45am but the captain discovered problems with the landing gear and turned back, successfully landing the plane at 8.47am. Passengers were transferred to a new plane and arrived in Samui at 10.10am. Suvarnabhumi director Raweewan Netarakavesana said that THAI engineers were inspecting the landing gear.

Thai airwaysOn September 9th 2013 a Thai Airways Airbus A3300-300 skidded off the runway at Suvarnabhumi aiport injuring 14 passengers, due to malfunctioning landing gear. On that occasion the managing director of Thai Airways Mr Sorajak Kasemsuvan expressed concern that the incident could have been caused by malevolent ghosts and spirits at the airport. He announced that a major ceremony would be conducted at the airport to appease any spirits and ghosts haunting the airport, he also vowed to thank them for assisting with the successful operation to salvage the plane from the runway.

His comments came about after the Thailand’s best selling newspaper the Thai Rath gave extensive coverage to the incident paying special attention to the supposed involvement s of spirits and ghosts! The publication reported that ghosts in traditional costumes helped evacuate passengers from the aircraft shortly after the incident; however the costumes have an uncanny resemblance to the Thai Airways Flight Attendants uniforms. The paper has also quoted Mr. Chotisak Asapaviriay, a former director of Airports Authority of Thailand as saying he had organized a regular prayer session to placate the vengeful spirits who reside in the vicinity of the airport.

At the ceremony to unveil the airport in 2006, Mr. Chotisak told Thai Rath, an official in charge of searching for explosive materials had broken down into a trance, claiming that he was being possessed by a “grandfather ghost” who demanded a shrine to be built on the airport compound. The shrine was quickly built afterwards. The Thai Rath said that eight major shrines have been built around Suvarnabhumi Airport by the staff to ward off evil spirits.

The newspaper cited the curses of the residing ghosts as the main reason the construction of the airport had been delayed for decades. The more rational Thais, however, would point to mire of corruption that has plagued the project before the government of Thaksin Shinawatra finalised the project in late 2005.


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