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Thai authorities warn the nation not to meddle with suspicious metal objects

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Thai authorities warn the nation not to meddle with suspicious metal objects | Samui Times
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Thai authorities have issued a warning against tinkering with strange metal objects after construction workers on Wednesday discovered an old WWII bomb in the Bang Khen district of Thailand that later blew up when it was sold to a scrap yard where staff tried to dismantle it killing eight and injuring many more.

bomb site bangkokLive World War II aerial bombs have been excavated in the past. When a bomb was discovered during the construction of the subways’s Red line on March 27 the Air Force was called in to hand it. Yesterday another bomb was spotted in Chachoengsao’s Plaeng Yao district, military experts were called in to handle the explosive.

Anybody who comes across any suspicious large metal item should immediately call 02-534-3535, according to experts aerial bombs are about 30 centimeters wide and one meter long and have an oval shape.

As the death toll at the scrap yard rose to eight, the search or missing workers continues. Body parts found yesterday were confirmed to be those of a missing three year old girl. Marisa Utsah who was injured in the blast has growing concerns about her husband who was working at the scrap yard when the bomb went off, “now nobody can find him” she explained.

The police estimate that around 20 people were injured in the incident, and thirty houses were damaged. Deputy national police chief General Aek Angsananont said this case would serve as a sever lesson “Some more aerial bombs may still be buried underground now. So, if anyone digs down and finds something suspicious, please alert officials immediately,” he said.

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