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Thai couple found dumped in Krabi forest

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Thai couple found dumped in Krabi forest | Samui Times
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The bodies of a Thai man and woman were found in the Hoy Namkhow forest near the Khow Pra Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary in Klongtom Krabi on Monday (May 4). Police believe they were murdered and then dumped.

couple murdered in KrabiAt 4pm, Klongtom police were called to the scene of an incident where the bodies of a man and woman had been found near the Khow Pra-Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary in Klongtom.

Police arrived at the thick forested area, which is about three kilometres off Petchkasem Rd, and were led to the body of a man believed to be between 30-40 years old and who was 1.65metres tall.

The body was lying face down on the ground and was badly decomposed.

Tied around the man̕s neck were a length of nylon rope and strips of a tyre inner tube.

Nearby police found the body of a female who police believed was 30-years-old and 1.60 metres tall. This body was also lying face down with nylon rope tied around its neck. Three lengths of nylon rope were also found nearby.

Police have stated that the man and woman had been dead for at least five days.

Rubber plantation workers told police that there was a foul smell coming from the area and when they went to investigate they found the bodies.

Police later learned that missing person reports had been filed for the man and woman at Thab Put police station in Phang Nga and also in Nakorn Sri Thammarat on Sunday (May 3).

After police contacted relatives of the two, they were identified as Taweesak Janweing, 39, and Jinda Janweing, 42, husband and wife who were pangolin hunters.

On Sunday their bandoned Chevrolete pick-up truck was found parked on a road in Nakorn Sri Thamarat. The vehicle had been ransacked.

Police believe that the couple came to Klongtom to hunt for pangolins. At some point they were strangled and killed and then dumped in the forest. The murderers are then likely to have driven the couples vehicle to Nakorn Sri Thammarat away from the scene of the crime.

The bodies of the couple were taken to Klongtom Hospital for autopsy.

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