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Thai couple freeze daughter’s body

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Thai couple freeze daughter’s body | Samui Times
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A Thai couple have decided to have the body of their beloved daughter frozen in a hope that a future medical technology may be able to revive her.
life extensionBorn in February 2012, the girl or Matheryn Naovaratpon had suffered from brain cancer. Despite chemotherapy and several surgeries, the cancer progressed to a point that her parents realized that it would not be possible for her to beat the cancer with the world’s current medical technologies.
“So, we contact the US-based Alcor Life Extension Foundation,” her father, Dr Sahatorn, says.
Speaking to Matichon Online, Sahatorn says the body of his daughter is now kept in freezing temperature under the care of the foundation. Established in 1972, the foundation offers to use very cold temperature in preserving human life with the intent of restoring good health when technology becomes available to do so. The freezing services are provided only after the legal death.
According to some reports, Sahatorn has given the foundation about Bt7million in exchange for the services. Matheryn is now the world’s youngest person to be cryogenically frozen.
“It’s like she is hibernating. We may visit her sometimes,” Sahatorn says.
He has reacted coolly to comments that, according to local superstitious beliefs, the freezing of a body will only trap a soul inside the body making it impossible for one’s soul to step forward into the next life.
“I understand and appreciate the diverse comments. Such beliefs may exist but I don’t think they are already proven. I am looking at this from a modern perspective,” the father says.
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