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Thai doctor slaps a 3 year old for swearing & refuses to treat him

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Thai doctor slaps a 3 year old for swearing & refuses to treat him
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The family of a three year old boy filed a complaint to the police after a male doctor slapped the child in the face and refused to give him treatment. The doctor said he refused to treat the boy because he had insulted him.

The child’s 24 year old mother, Sutharat, shared the story on the Facebook page Let Me Know If You Want to Be Famous Return Part 3 (อยากดังเดี๋ยวจัดให้ รีเทริน์ part 3) yesterday.

Sutharat said she took her three year old child to a hospital in the Kam Paeng Saen district in the central province of Nakhon Pathom because he was suffering from asthma.

The child’s mother added that the boy sat on her lap playing with toys while waiting for treatment inside the doctor’s room when he hit himself in the face. The boy said, “F*ck, it hit my mouth!” The doctor suddenly turned and slapped the child in the face making the child cry.

Sutharat asked the doctor why he slapped her child. He replied, “I do the same thing with my child too.” The doctor then handed her a nebulizer and walked out of the room.

The child’s grandmother confronted the doctor about the incident. The doctor said he hit the boy because he had insulted him.

“What are you going to do to me? Don’t come to get a treatment from me. There’s the door!”

Sutharat filed a complaint at Kam Paeng Saen Police Station insisting her child swore because he’d hit himself with the toy, he did not swear at the doctor.

Today, the doctor gave an interview to the media, admitting he did slap the boy according to what the mother revealed on social media.

He said the child insulted him, saying, “F*ck doctor Tu!” Tu is the doctor’s nickname.

The doctor said he said he had worked at the hospital for 25 years and had experienced similar happenings before. Children might scold or swear if they were shocked or frightened, but this child directly mentioned his name.

He admitted that what he did was wrong and didn’t mean to slap the child. He said he was stressed after he and his family had recovered from the Covid-19 virus.

The doctor added that he chased the family away because the area around him was still dangerous for others. He also said he had reported the incident to his superior.

The doctor said he would meet the child’s family to say sorry for what he had done.

Netizens’ opinions on the incident were varied. Some agreed with the mother, saying the doctor should not use violence on patients or a child. Others agreed that the doctor was wrong to hit a three year old but added a child should not swear in public.

SOURCE: Dailynews | Khaosod | Channel 7


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