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Thai Education Ministry On “Special Mission” From Junta

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Thai Education Ministry On “Special Mission” From Junta | Samui Times
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The Thai Education Ministry has been tasked by the country’s ruling junta with helping to develop the ideal Thai.

“[The junta] have a special mission to instill the ideologies of ‘national harmony’, ‘nationalism’ and ‘civic duty’ to Thai students through the national curriculum,” ministry analyst Pumsaran Tongliemnak told dpa Tuesday.

Thai JuntaJunta leader Prayuth Chan-ocha complained on Friday in his weekly address to the nation that Thais were lacking in morality which leads to corruption and a decline in national prestige.

The general went onto list the ideals that would make the perfect Thai. Among the ideals were physical strength, filial piety, patriotism, and good morality, and the “correct understanding of democracy.”

“The Ministry of Education already had plans to reform our curriculum before [the general’s speech] but since then we have been charged with including [the junta’s] ideas into the curriculum,” said Valaitat, an official inside the ministry who did not want to give her full name.

The ministry are also canvassing the public for ideas on how to improve an agency that has long been criticised by commentators and politicians.

They have set up a website which will give concerned citizens an opportunity to voice their ideas as well as clarify the junta’s education reform programs.


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