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Thai film industry in the world’s market

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Thai film industry in the world’s market | Samui Times
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The Thai Government has been putting effort into promoting the film and video industry, as one of the branches of a creative economy able to build economic value for the country.

Thai film industry in the world’s market | News by Samui Times

A strategic plan to promote the film and video industry is being followed by the Government of Thailand; right now we are entering the 3rd stage, which consists of

-developing human resources for the industry

-promoting and developing the market

-promoting and protecting the intellectual property of film and video

-promoting cooperation in international investment in film making, developing movie-making services located in Thailand, and promoting the capability of the film and video industry

Enabling the entrepreneurs to attend such internationally important events as the Cannes Film Festival, is a way to attract international movie makers or investors to cooperate with Thai film production companies. Moreover, Thai companies offering movie-making services and location-finding services are also among the businesses that the Thai government tries to promote in foreign countries.

According to the Ministry of Culture, in 2018, 714 international films were shot in Thailand, generating income of around 98 million US dollars. The Top three countries coming to making films in Thailand are the US, India and China

The categories of international films or videos shot in Thailand, are




-TV Programmes

and music videos

Besides introducing Thai entrepreneurs to the foreign market, the Thai government has also issued incentives for foreign filmmakers to shoot their films in Thailand by offering a tax incentive of 15%, along with other privileges if employing Thai actors. The filmmakers are offered 3% of the incentive if utilizing Thai-based film shooting equipment, and if the films promote a good image of Thailand, there is another incentive of 2%.

All incentives offered are part of the strategy to make Thailand the center of the film and video industry of ASEAN and an important destination for the industry in the world’s movie making market.

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