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Thai “Gang-nam” style: Korean gets mother of all padded bills – 160,000 baht!

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Thai “Gang-nam” style: Korean gets mother of all padded bills – 160,000 baht! | Samui Times
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Many people in Thailand have suffered a padded bill at a nightclub, bar or even a restaurant.

Most put it down to experience and pay up rather than go through the trouble of getting restitution.

ThaiSometimes bills for food are more than expected.

Often it is just a few hundred baht – a thousand if you are unlucky.

But a Korean man in Chiang Mai suffered what can only be described as the mother of padded bills.

He was charged $5,000 for a bite to eat with some women.

Jeong Guenbok, 46, told Chiang Mai police captain Kasemsit Torkan that he had been taken advantage off at a karaoke lounge on Charoen Prathet Road in the downtown area.

Jeong said he sat down and was immediately surrounded by ten ladies. He didn’t want to chase them away and decided to buy food for everyone – he figured it would probably set him back 10,000 baht but that would be OK.

He got the bill but appears to not have looked at it and paid by credit card. When he check he found that he had paid 160,000 baht.

He told the cops that it was an incredible shock – he nearly fainted and went straight to report the matter.

Hearing that he had gone to the police the bar quickly sent a representative to the station with 60,000 baht in cash to settle the matter.

Jeong said that wasn’t justice and then went to the Korean Embassy and filed a further complaint with police.

Daily News said Chiang Mai police are set to call in the owner of the karaoke for a discussion with the Korean to “avoid damage to tourism”.

More about the outcome of those talks as we hear of it.

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