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Thai Govt Chides Astrologers for Earthquake Predictions

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Thai Govt Chides Astrologers for Earthquake Predictions | Samui Times
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A spokesperson for Thailand’s military government has asked astrologers predicting imminent earthquakes to consider how their prophesies may affect the public.

earthquakes in Thailand“I understand that the predictors have good intentions,” said the spokesperson, Yongyuth Mayalarp, “But I want to ask the predictors to use their judgement carefully when they spread such information. I want them to consider the consequences, because in the past, there have been [astrological] predictions that have caused panic and affected tourism.”

He also quoted the director of the Department of Mental Health as urging people to rely on scientific principles when considering the validity of the predictions.

Many Thais are deeply superstitious and draw upon astrological prophecies, feng shui principles, and other spiritual beliefs to guide their daily lives. It also common practice for government officials and leading politicians to consult personal astrologers.

In the past week, several astrologers have predicted that a natural disaster will strike sometime in the next month.

“Major earthquakes usually occur in foreign countries, and then cause impact on our and other countries, but this upcoming earthquake will take place in our own country,” Sorajja Nual-yu, a famous astrologer, said on Saturday. “I have been predicting this since early this year. It may happen at any moment between now and 12 July.”

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