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Thai horses dying from African Horse Sickness

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Thai horses dying from African Horse Sickness | Samui Times
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More than 100 horses in Thailand have died from African Horse Sickness (AHS). The director-general of the Department of Livestock Development, Sorawit Thanito, says that it’s the country’s first instance of the illness, which only affects animals.

“Latest government data show at least 131 horses have died across 4 provinces.”

The government was notified of the spread of AHS in late March and since has quarantined sick horses to try to limit the spread of the disease

“We have to investigate how this virus got to Thailand. Horses that contract the illness can have fevers of over 39C, difficulty breathing and bleeding in the eyes.”

Sorawit wants it to be known that there has never been a case of AHS reported in humans and it is not related to the outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus. According to The World Organisation for Animal Health AHS is endemic in the central tropical regions of Africa, from where it spreads regularly to Southern Africa and occasionally to North Africa.

SOURCE: Reuters

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